I thought i would have a page that new visitors can come to read on my blog as opposed to having to find the original post i had about how my blog came about and maybe, why i am doing this.

After having let some steam off about the recent Parliamentary elections for UK, with my view on  Opinion Polls, this is a bit of background on how this blog came about.

Who knows, it may inspire one of you to start one too. Let me know if you do!

In a galaxy far, far, away….. er no, that’s another story, which is fiction. Let me tell you some facts.

Over the past few years, there has been a series of events, which i guess combined, had tipped me over to take the plunge. I have blogged before, both as iBostin, which sadly got hacked and i lost all the years of posts and also blogged as myself, Donato.

So it was not a eureka moment, it has been a series of moments. Some joyous moments and some sad moments.

The series of events are not in any specific chronological order, or order of importance. It’s just the order i’m typing them.

A few years back whilst i was working in Guernsey, i was fortunate enough to meet Marc Winn, who is a great guy and doing a lot of life changing stuff and blogs about it, under the title of View Inside Me.

Whilst i was over in Guernsey, i sadly heard of the news of Lisa Lynch passing away. We mainly knew each other from when she was a Bostin customer and was going to blog with me on iBostin. When she was diagnosed with cancer at age 28, she decided to start her own blog called Alright Tit. A truly remarkable woman. I was privileged to meet her at her 30th Birthday along with many of her friends and family. She went onto write a book called The C Word which was then made into a BBC film. Her blog was another nudge for me to maybe start blogging.

Last year, 2014, i met a guy called Derek Mills and whilst reading his book, The 10 second Philosophy, he mentioned about being a Reluctant Guru and some of the things he was going through in his life. That inspired me for the title of this blog.

This year, 2015, I met Becky Walsh who writes and talks about Intuition and also writing. One of the things holding me back about writing, is i believe it has all been done before. But what Becky says, is that no one has written it your way. So here i am writing it my way!

Last but not least, there has been Vinay Parmar who i have known for many years and seen the journey he has been through.

So as you can see, there has been many people, who together inspired me to write this blog.

I believe i only have one purpose on this planet, which is to make people happy.

I have been doing that for decades in one way or another and now i want to write about it.

I don’t know where this will go, or what this may do for your or me.

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