Why #55Alive?

Why #55Alive?

As you may of seen from previous posts, i have set myself a challenge over the next 5 years ish, to do a series of challenges.


My aim is to inspire others to be more active.

Apparently there is a massive obesity epidemic. Only this week, there was a report that Diabetes has sordid by 60% in past decade. 90% of these cases are type 2 diabetes that are related to diet and obesity.

Have a look at this talk by Jamie Oliver back in 2010 and how he is trying to solve the obesity issue.

Back in 2011 i was overweight at 85kg with a 36″ waist and 5’9″. I am now 73kg and 32″ waist.

I decided to get more active and will write over next few weeks what i had done. Most of it, when you read it is not rocket science. All i had to do was get up off my butt and exercise, but no crazy stuff or insanity workout classes.

I will be setting myself some challenges over the next 5 years and will call them 55Alive using the hashtag #55Alive. More will be revealed in due course on the 55Alive website here.

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