Who are you to judge me?

One of the reason i kept putting off starting a (semi) serious blog, was the thought of what other people might think or say about what i write. Or even not say, no feedback. Just me writing in a quiet place on the internet.

They (you) would judge me.

Who are you to judge me? We all do it. It often is written by people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and it will have a picture of themselves.

They often write it becuase they percieve that they are being judged negatively, by what they say or how they look. What if they were judged positively?

Who are you to judge me?

By the clothes i wear, by the words i say, the colour of my eyes, the way i wear my hair, my glasses i wear, the fact i wear glasses.

Who are you to judge me? By the place i live, by the school i attended, by the education i have, the books i read or the friends i have. The food i eat or the company i keep.

I may write a poem in future with this title, “who are you to judge me?”


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