What’s the point of an alarm clock?

Yes, i hear you. An alarm clock is to wake us up!

What for? For most of us it is to get us up to get to work on time.

For over 3 years, i have got to work on time without the aid of an alarm clock.

Do i have trouble sleeping? Well according to my Fitbit, i sleep very well.

I normally wake up between 6.00 and 6.30am and most mornings i can’t wait to get up and go!

Whats my secret? I don’t think there is one secret, but a combination of these factors:

  1. Get to bed early. Why stay up watching trash News channels or TV or Social Media?
  2. Eat regularly during the day
  3. I’m happy to be alive and love to take on what the day has for me

Have you found you don’t need an alarm clock also or know anyone who doesn’t need one either?

Feel free to share the stories here.

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