What makes an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur. Try saying entrepreneur, let alone spelling entrepreneur!

Before you start reading this, i would highly recommend putting down your ego down and walking away from it very slowly until you have finished reading this blog.

Some of the things i am about to say, may be challenging to you and you may disagree, but look deeply into your soul and conscience and tell me the truth.

If you have started your own business, that does not make you an entrepreneur.

If you have a brilliant idea that you believe will change the world, that does not make you an entrepreneur.

If you have invented a new device that will make our lives better, that does not make you an entrepreneur.

Being self employed, does not make you an entrepreneur.

Making millions or billions of dollars, does not make you an entrepreneur.

Being a successful business man/woman, teacher, politician, does not make you an entrepreneur.

Looking at Wikipedia, the definition for entrepreneurship, it has Karren Brady listed as an entrepreneur. I disagree. She is a business woman and a very successful business woman. Not an entrpreneur.

Are Entrepreneurs born or made? That, my friends I think is another debate.

Here is a list of people who I believe are true Entrepreneurs: Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Alan Sugar.

Who do you think is an Entrepreneur and why?

What do you think makes an entrepreneur?


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4 thoughts on “What makes an Entrepreneur?

    • Welcome Karen and thank you for your comment.

      One of my upcoming posts following on from this will be about what makes an entrepreneur, so i won’t say in this reply, as tempted as i might be.

      So, back to my original question, what do you think makes an entrepreneur Karen?

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