What a year 2015!

I think we are all used to doing annual reviews at Christmas or New Year, but i thought i would do something different.

After all, every Tom, Richard and Harriet will be blogging about New years Resolutions in a few months time. I don’t do resolutions anymore. I have set standards to enjoy each day and take what comes with joy in my heart.

2015 has been such an amazing year so far i just wanted to share some of the amazing things that have happened so far.

I once read, have you done something new today? So i wanted to do a number of things i have never done before, so 2015 marked the start of this. I had no bucket list or agenda, i just went with the flow, with many things just decided on the day.

Visiting Iceland and Morocco

Watching tennis at Wimbledon Centre Courts

Running a 10K race

Enjoying some delicious red wine with my son

Being inside London Olympic Stadium

Watching Professional Womens and Mens bike races in London

Celebrating my daughters mock exam results

Walking the length of Malvern Hills

Travelling on a London Tram

Life is amazing and i want to enjoy every moment of it!

To me, having aigret night is being sober and enjoying every moment, not getting so drunk that you fall in a heap on the street and not remember anything of what happened that night.

Life is too short and being drunk or stoned or full of cigarette smoke would not enable me to enjoy my life.

It’s common sense really.

Here’s to the rest of 2015 and beyond!

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