We are all going to die!

That’s right, we are all, eventually, going to die. But i’m not here to talk about any kind of death, i’m talking about being blown to pieces by a nuclear bomb!

One of the topics of debate on TV show on Sunday morning in UK, was: Why have nuclear weapons?

Most of the debates in favour seemed to be stuck in an 80’s style cold war debate. Has nobody moved on?

Did they not watch the movie War Games back in 1983?

I don’t think i saw the original at the movies, but ut has been re-run on TV many times. I will summarise the movie in these words. A young lad accidentally hacks into NORAD computer and almost starts World War III. The computer, wanting to play a game with the kid, tries all Thermonuclear war options e.g U.S first strike, USSR first strike, Pakistan/India first strike, Iran/Iraq first strike, North/South Korea first strike etc etc.

The outcome of each permutation? NO ONE WINS. The whole planet is blown to pieces.

Pretty grim, huh? So why are we still debating?

The political parties in favour of weapons say “its our number 1 insurance policy”. Insurance against what?

If you are in favour, then you can be the first to press that button. OK?

Good bye.



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