Twitter twats, trolls and Aston Villa FC

The Press love Twitter. Why? Simple.

Everyday there is a storm in the tea cup between some celebrities or organisations which helps fill column inches in the papers or online pages for the relentless 24/7 news.

The latest one to hit the Social Media world is the ‘PR disaster’ around Aston Villa Fc unfollowing thousands of fans.

Many fans expressing their disgust that their club is no longer interested in their opinions. How does following someone on Twitter mean they are interested in their opinion? If you follow tens of thousands, how do you hear what each individual is saying, unless you use some form of filter or hash tag?

For those that know how to use Twitter, know that your opinion can still be heard provided your profile is not private and you useĀ relevant hash tags for feedback.

So there you have it. If your football club is not following you or unfollows you, it doesn’t mean they don’t want you as fans. It may be that they are re-aligning their strategy on Social Media?

After all, currently Leicester City are top of the Premier league and are only following 94 Twitter accounts and FC Barcelona are only following 56 Twitter accounts. I don’t hear their fans up in arms because their club is not following them?

No doubt Aston Villa could of handled this in a better way. No one is perfect.

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