Twitter is Dead. Long live Social Media.

Twitter is dead. Discuss.

That is what I tweeted and posted on my Facebook page.

I got 2 replies on Twitter and 3 replies on Facebook. Hardly set the Social Media world alight.

Yet if Kim Kardashian tweeted the same message it would have had 1,000’s of replies and would of been all over the papers and News Channels.

Since I have been using Twitter and Facebook for many years it has completely changed from how they started out. That is inevitable.

Back in the day, you could tweet and get a lot of replies to almost any question. It became so popular, Facebook copied their idea and introduced the message timeline.

Since then, both have been competing to get our attention, but what has happened since is mainstream media have almost taken over both platforms and has become just another broadcast medium to get their messages out. Advertising. Marketing.

It still makes me chuckle when a live national TV show think it’s an achievement to be the #1 trending Twitter hash tag in UK at the time of their show. Have they not worked out how it all works yet?

With all this Media and Political noise how do you get your message heard by the masses? You don’t. You get it heard by the relevant people who you engage with.

Of course Twitter is not dead. It’s different. It has grown and evolved. What happens next in the Social Media scene, is up to you.


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