These are a few of my favourite things

Don’t worry, i’m not about to break into song Julie Andrews style, but i thought i would do a simple post today to share with you some of the things i like to do, in no specific order of importance.

1. Eating pizza

2. Being with my family

3. Walking

4. Looking at views from tall buildings

5. Dancing

6. Meeting new people

7. Travelling to places i’ve not visited before

8. Walking around ancient monuments

9. Having a meal and pleasant conversation

10. Receiving positive comments about my work

11. Watching comedy shows

12. Singing in my VW Van


So there’s a few for you to chew on this happy Tuesday.

What are your favourite things?

Enjoy Julie Andrews video below to get you in the thought flow…..


4 thoughts on “These are a few of my favourite things

  1. Excellent! Another opportunity for a “Chris Evans” Top Ten bloke type list… plus two!

    My favourite things:

    1. Rejoicing in how amazing my wife looks… I do this a lot!!!
    2. Watching F1 races… especially Monaco, Monza, Spa and when Ferrari win!
    3. Admiring classic Alfa Romeos and driving Alfa Romeos.
    4. Taking in the air on a cool summer’s morning – before it becomes a warn/hot day.
    5. Taking in the air on a cooling summer’s evening – after it’s been a warm/hot day.
    6. The views when skiing in Austria and walking around fabulous towns, like Seefeld… but not the views from tall buildings!!!
    7. Looking at twilight photos taken of cities (especially London) and piecing together the evidence to work out what time of year it is? what time of day? What’s the story behind every light being on in every building?
    8. Looking at the Vintage Rolex watches in the Antique Watch Shop in the Burlington Arcade, Mayfair. Wondering why they’re in a shop window rather than on a ancestors wrist!
    9. Making the most of those “quality NOT quantity” life experiences – the ones you never forget! We’ve got some good ones coming up over the next few months; including lunch at Pierre Koffmann’s!
    10. That feeling of been truly alive, rather than just existing. Always experienced in particular when I’m in Italy or watching programmes about Italy.

    and the plus two:

    11. The sound of waves crashing on a shoreline.
    12. Watching three badly dressed, middle aged men, “dicking around” on TV… but the BBC has put a stop to this!!!

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