There is hope

Yes, there is hope.

As you may know, i am apolitical, so what the person i am about to talk about is not because i support his political values, but the fact that he can give us all hope.

This man is Jeremy Corbyn.

When he was nominated to take part in the UK Labour Party leadership contest he was 200-1 outsider.

Also, he is 66 and according to pundits and Press, he is too old to be a political leader, let alone a Prime Minister.

Despite all that negativity, he won!

As i said a while back, nobody is ever too old to do anything. Whatever the odds we may have against us, we can still do it.

Whether you agree or disagree with his politics, he is genuine and he believes in what he says. It is more about substance, rather than style.

Are we now entering a new age?

A new age where we finally get fed up of how PR a person is (aka Media Persona), but are more interested in the substance.

Only time will tell.

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