The next Billion Dollar App

Want to build the next Billion Dollar App?

Read on….

For those of you that know me, will know that i have successfully launched 2 iPhone Apps.

My first one got some good traction, but the concept has now been integrated into iPhone as standard. So was a good idea, but a little late to market.

My second App made it to the final of this European wide health initiative for Public health England. Sadly we didn’t win as i believe we are ahead of the curve and until the whole health industry moves away from counting calories and focuses on mindful eating, that is when our time will come.

So, how do we launch an App that will be the next big thing?

Simple answer, is you don’t!

If you want to know why, it is beautifully explained here by Brent Simmons, who works with App developers.

When was the last time you recommended an App without being prompted?

In essence, we are entering an era where we do the work for love. If we love the apps/ideas we develop and have hope, we all have a chance.

Just like life itself.

We have hope and love. That is how we will have the next Billion Dollar App.


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