The Iron Cowboy – This is astonishing!

When i read a post about this from one of my friends on Facebook i thought it was some kind of prank. The kind of story that is so unbelievable, its not true.

Completing an Iron Man Triathlon is astonishing. 5 in a row in 5 days would sound crazy, yes? But doing 50 in 50 consecutive days in 50 U.S states, is completely bonkers!?!?

And when i Googled to find the information i came across this Triathlon forum which said the guy would either die, fall asleep on his bike or find a state in US where all swimming pools are closed on a Sunday!

Reading the forum comments highlights to me, the limiting beliefs that people set on themselves.

As i know fully well, having just recently taken up running, or more like jogging for me, the human body takes time to grow and adapt to physical use. So training for the Great Birmingham Run is hard enough for me to do, so the forum comments can make sense. And as so many are saying this, it must be true?

But this man, The Iron Cowboy, James Lawrence believed he could do and when you listen to his interviews he had no doubt he would do it. In fact the only challenge he saw to his 50-50-50 was the logistics of travelling from state to state in time.

Below is one of the TV interviews after he had completed his 50-50-50. Simply amazing! I would love to meet this guy and shake his hand and say what a hero you are!

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