The Flame Challenge #FollowTheFlame

As you know i completed my first ever 10k run on Sunday.

It was hot and hilly and i felt amazing when i got to the finish line as i have never run so far in my life, so felt quite an achievement.

I met a lot of amazing people of all shapes and sizes, but one amazing guy stood out from the crowd.

He goes by the name of The Flame and he has set himself 12 months of challenges in a full firefighter kit with breathing apparatus.

You can follow him on Twitter, like on Facebook and make donations to his JustGiving page here.

Someone had joked on Twitter that it was so hot yesterday that he should be used to the heat. But i had almost melted yesterday, so he must of been cooking with all his kit!

Below is picture before we started the race.

The Flame 999 #followtheflame









For the past few weeks i have been thinking about what challenges i should do, so i may be posting a blog in next few days to get some feedback from yourselves.

Till next time….. Follow The Flame!

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