The brilliant John Hegley!

I have had the pleasure of seeing John Hegley perform many times.

For those of you that have not heard of John Hegley, he is a performing poet, comedian and song writer.

As fate would have it, the first time i saw him was at a North London school hall back in 1986 on a Sunday afternoon and there was only a handful of us there. I had never heard of him and was dragged along by my girlfriend of the time.

Never seen him again till 2002 whilst up at Edinburgh Fringe Festival to see Black Country Rock musical that his name came up and we should see him. We did and he was brilliant again.

So good, that when me and my children made our annual pilgrimage to Edinburgh Fringe Festival it was one of the first tickets we bought once we had booked our flights and accomodation.

So, can you imagine how i felt when i heard that he was going to be performing at Northfield Victoria Park for #culturemash?

He was once again, brilliant.

The way he performs and engages people of all ages from babies to pensioners is great and takes a great skill.

I look forward to seeing him again.


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