The Apprentice – BBC Final 2015

Being an avid viewer of The Apprentice on both sides of the Atlantic, this Sunday sees this years final on BBC, with the usual surprises.

It would seem that the Producers still select candidates based on their character to give high TV viewing figures rather than if they have a good business plan, so when it came to the final 5, it left Lord Sugar with only 2 viable options.

The final now will be fought between Joseph Valente and Vana Koutsomitis

Whilst both candidates seem very capable at what they want to do, Joseph more so as he already has his plumbing business up and running and making a very good profit, it seems odd after all these weeks that we are left with an Dating App and a Plumbing business for Lord Sugar to choose from.

Surely Britain’s aspiring entrepreneurs have something more than this? And Vana has hopped over from Barcelona according to BBC website, so doesn’t live in Britain.

Who’s your money on?, Vana or Joseph?

Or is the choice between a high risk App or a low risk plumbing business?

From previous series, Lord Sugar has always played it safe and kept away from high risk investments, unless the candidate has proven track record. So the safe bet would be for Joseph.

The last time I recall Lord Sugar having a high tech app business in final 5 was when Nick Holzherr was on, with his App idea of Whisk. Lord Sugar rightly rejected the idea as it was both high risk and there was already a “silent” partner in the business.

However, Vana does not appear to have a complication of any silent partners and Lord Sugar seems to be sold on the fact that other dating apps right now are so big, so there could be room for another big player? And also, Vana has some track record in the online world.

Apps, as I know, is a different world to online. I launched WIET a couple of years back, which got some traction at beginning and it made it to final 10 in Europe for best Apps for use of Health and fitness, it is such a crowded market place that many established App developers have stopped developing Apps for themselves and only take on paid gigs from corporates who have the big budgets for marketing.

The reason of failure is often down to lack of a Marketing budget. Vana does not need that, she is on national TV. So even if Lord Sugar does not invest, when she leaves the process i’m sure there will be many investors prepared to take their chances, as many did with Nick Holzerr.

Good luck to both Vana and Joseph, who both deserve to be in the final.

One thought on “The Apprentice – BBC Final 2015

  1. This has been – without a doubt – the worst series of The Apprentice. The business plans for the last five “candidates” were either not viable or wholly uninspiring. Neither finalist warrants a £250k investment and if this is the calibre of applicants, I fear there won’t be a next series; which would be a shame… but not a loss!

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