The Aliens have landed!

The media has been full of stories about Aliens for the past few years and has dramatically increased over past few weeks.

I’m not talking about Aliens from another planet, i’m talking about immigrants.

Why am i using the word for immigrants?

Well, i saw a comment about The Daily Mail headline in 60’s about the Jewish immigrants being referred to as Aliens and someone commenting saying you can’t call immigrants Aliens.

Being the son of two immigrant parents i can tell you as a fact, that is what my parents and other immigrants were referred as back in the day. They even had an ‘Alien’ identity card.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Funny thing is, it would appear that right wing newspapers have not changed in over 50 years and still used the phrase ‘swarms’ about fellow human being wanting to come to UK.

When i next get to see my parents, i may write more about how it was for them as immigrants and what really goes on. Maybe that will help put some perspective on the right wing bias some media tends to take, which often comes from white middle class indigenous staff, who quite frankly have no first hand experience or years of growing up as an immigrant.

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