I am alone, but not lonely

Here’s a little ditty inspired by the many times i eat alone in a restaurant.

I may be alone, but i am not lonely.

Sitting here alone is my choice. I enjoy my own company. I take time out to relax and meditate while eating my delicious food.

In my own time, in my own company. I am alone, but not lonely.

Maybe i should expand this more….

What should i write about?

Would you believe its been almost two months of me blogging everyday?

Yes, everyday!

Astonishing that i didn’t think i would have much to write about.

As you may of guessed, i can talk about many wide and varied subjects, some of which i am more passionate than others.

This blog is mainly for me and preparation about a book i would like to write about the Ego and how it is affecting humankind in the 21st century.

So i will continue writing and blogging and if you find it useful, please do share.

If you don’t find this useful, tell me how i can improve, because we all have so much to learn.