Twitter twats, trolls and Aston Villa FC

The Press love Twitter. Why? Simple.

Everyday there is a storm in the tea cup between some celebrities or organisations which helps fill column inches in the papers or online pages for the relentless 24/7 news.

The latest one to hit the Social Media world is the ‘PR disaster’ around Aston Villa Fc unfollowing thousands of fans.

Many fans expressing their disgust that their club is no longer interested in their opinions. How does following someone on Twitter mean they are interested in their opinion? If you follow tens of thousands, how do you hear what each individual is saying, unless you use some form of filter or hash tag?

For those that know how to use Twitter, know that your opinion can still be heard provided your profile is not private and you use relevant hash tags for feedback.

So there you have it. If your football club is not following you or unfollows you, it doesn’t mean they don’t want you as fans. It may be that they are re-aligning their strategy on Social Media?

After all, currently Leicester City are top of the Premier league and are only following 94 Twitter accounts and FC Barcelona are only following 56 Twitter accounts. I don’t hear their fans up in arms because their club is not following them?

No doubt Aston Villa could of handled this in a better way. No one is perfect.

Twitter twats and trolls

I have a confession to make.

A few months ago, i went back to using Twitter. Which to some people, it is still something for twats and trolls.

I was once told that online behaviour is just what goes on in the real world, so is just a reflection of our society in the non-virtual world.

Twitter can be used for all sorts of stuff, but one of the common uses i begin to see more of now, is using it to message Celebrities, their own groupies, PR or Press people. So a sort of stalking and spamming, which is like being a twat.

One of the most funniest twat use is when a major national TV show advertises a hash tag to encourage the viewers to join in the conversation and no one from the show or audience respond or join in your conversation.

Especially when the shows Twitter account is messaging, but only usually to PR, Media lovies or others on the show!

Quite frustrating when you genuinely want to engage.

So why do TV shows promote the hash tag? Well they want to be one of the “Twitter trending” topics and so hopefully get more media coverage. But seriously. If there are 9 million viewers on Britains Got Talent it will “trend” anyway. Doh! It was meant to be a way of people starting a cause or converstaion on Twitter, not mainstream media, TV shows, advertisements or promotions with £Millions in their budgets.

But shock amongst shocks, i was watching a show on BBC1 Sunday morning and Nicky Campbell mentioned a hash tag, so i made a witty comment about true show, used a hash tag an he replied.

But not only did he reply, he must of read my previous tweets about my walking achievements and mentioned i should take his dogs for a walk!

As for trolls, the true definition is anonymous messaging in a hateful way, or put more politely, they say something purely to get a reaction and don’t believe what they say.

Media would have us believe Katie Hopkins is a troll. We all know who she is, but she does send a lot of hateful messages and believes in what she says. So not a troll, more a twat!

So we all know the best solution to deal with her? INGNORE her and she goes away. Don’t engage with her on Twitter or any form of media and most definately not follow her on Twitter.

There you have it, all we need to know about twittering trolls, or is it trolling twats?