Run Guru Run

Are you a self proclaimed Running Guru?

This is a question that has occasionally appeared with my new followers on Social Media.

For those of you who have been following me on Social Media for the past 20 months or so, will know that i started running. So i wanted to have a name for the accounts that reflected what i do and my online identity. Having this blog and being a Forrest Gump fan, it was a straight forward selection based on Run Forrest Run, but instead of going for Run The Reluctant Guru Run, which is quite a mouthful, i just went with RunGuruRun.

So for those who have not been following my running journey, it’s understandable to think that i may be some kind of self proclaimed “Guru” at running.

But then again, running only my second marathon in 6 months at the age of 55 in a time of 3 hours and 15 minutes, for some, that makes me a GURU!

You can watch my Boston Qualifying marathon run here and be sure to Like and Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Run Guru Run Inspiration!

When I started running, it was to raise money for Hibbs Lupus Trust.

That was all. Or so I thought. I had no goals or dreams to run a Marathon. Just running a Half Marathon seemed like a distant goal back in July last year.

But a few weeks after completing the Birmingham Half Marathon, I decided to enter the Brighton Marathon, had already created an Instagram account called @RunGuruRun and changed my Twitter name to match that @RunGuruRun ….and so the real running journey started.

Early this year, I decided I wanted to record my first marathon and decided to splash out on a new GoPro and recorded some of my training runs and races before the marathon to get used to running with a camera and load them on YouTube.

Little did I know what impact these videos would have.

I have had so many messages of encouragement, it really helped me on my journey. All I wanted was a video for my Marathon. A bit like a wedding video. Something for me and my family to remember the day.

When the Brighton Marathon video was uploaded, I literally had hundreds of messages via YouTube, Instagram and Twitter all saying what an inspiration I am and how much they enjoyed the video. Some even cried watching it!

But one message was sent to me privately last week, which really touched me and I wanted to share with you:

Hi there. I started running in January after years of no cardio and just weightlifting. I quit after less than 1km on my first attempt, out of breath and in pain., Last Sunday I did 12km without stopping. I have entered brighton marathon for 2017 and havnt told a soul (apart from you now…) Your video of your marathon is wonderful and your time very impressive. What a great achievment. So basically thank you for the inspiration! 😊

I find it very humbling that I have touched so many people and want to keep doing this as I enjoy it so much and it makes my heart sing, as you may of seen on the videos. I may not sell millions of records as a singer, but I do love a good singalong!

As well as signing up for 2017 Brighton Marathon next year, I have also pre-registered my interest for the return of Birmingham Marathon next year also! Why not join me?

Below is the Brighton Marathon for you to enjoy and share and who knows, it may inspire many more people when you share it too with all your friends and family.