Run Guru Run

Are you a self proclaimed Running Guru?

This is a question that has occasionally appeared with my new followers on Social Media.

For those of you who have been following me on Social Media for the past 20 months or so, will know that i started running. So i wanted to have a name for the accounts that reflected what i do and my online identity. Having this blog and being a Forrest Gump fan, it was a straight forward selection based on Run Forrest Run, but instead of going for Run The Reluctant Guru Run, which is quite a mouthful, i just went with RunGuruRun.

So for those who have not been following my running journey, it’s understandable to think that i may be some kind of self proclaimed “Guru” at running.

But then again, running only my second marathon in 6 months at the age of 55 in a time of 3 hours and 15 minutes, for some, that makes me a GURU!

You can watch my Boston Qualifying marathon run here and be sure to Like and Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Reluctant Guru story in Press

Its not often I get to say this, but I made “headline” news in my local paper, The Bromsgrove Standard.

I was delighted to be interviewed by Anu Shukla as the paper were captured about my #55Alive story and my first challenge being the Birmingham Great Run this Sunday in aid of Hibbs Lupus Trust.

Rather that me repeat extracts from the newspaper here, you can read the full story, with picture, here >>>

Many thanks for everyone’s support and if you want to sponsor me before, during or after the event you can do so here.

Whilst I may not run with headphones and music as I run, I may sometimes slip into humming this song as I run……hopefully I will be feeling glad all over when I finish!