Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll, by Led Zeppelin, in my opinion is the best way to start a day. Any day. In particular a Monday.


I challenge any of you after listening to the below song, if you don’t feel good, then let me know!

You may have another song to get your day/week/month started? Share with us here!

Enjoy your Monday.


What makes the world go round?

LOVE of course!

Well, i say of course because it is common sense, but as some of us know, there is nothing more uncommon than common sense.

Or something along those lines. Feel free to comment below with some other quotes on common sense.

For some people, they may say money makes the world go round. But without love, what’s the point of money?

Whilst on Twitter yesterday, there was a tweet from Sue Cartwright about positivity.

When i read the post, i realised that i do many of the things without thinking. It has become second nature to me.

I appreciate many things about many people and you too can make this into a habit.

I loved Bushra’s comment on my post here and it made me feel good as i’m sure it made her feel good also. That’s a good habit.

So on that note, below is a graphic i like to follow each day as my daily habit. Enjoy!


Daily Habits

Daily Habits