Are we inspirational?

Are we inspirational?

Do we inspire anyone?

For me, i can say it with a resounding yes! I’m not doing this to brag or anything, but more for making us more aware and mindful that many things we may do as a routine of our daily lives, actually inspires others.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know i started running back in June 2015. I didn’t set the world alight with any new world records, i just started running on a regular basis, which for me is now just part of my weekly routine.

But what is now my weekly routine, which is two short runs and one long run a week, has been inspiring many people to get started in running also.

I have been regularly getting messages from people i know, but more so from people i have never met saying “i find what you are doing is inspiring!”. Getting messages like that make me feel really good.

Whilst i may not think i am doing anything extra-ordinary, it is still inspiring many people.

That is one of the reasons i started a forum for new runners and those who want to improve their running and called it My Run Guru. Would be great to see you there.

So never underestimate what we do as a normal daily routine, actually inspires others!

Did you miss me?

If you have been regularly reading this blog, you will know that i have been blogging every day since my birthday this year.

Until that was last Saturday. So that was a total of 189 consecutive days. Not bad for a novice?

So, i’m back, but it won’t be everyday as i will have many more things to devote my energies to.

Mainly my energies goto my full time day job and family and friends.

I will also be working on my new project My Run Guru, as some of feedback i have had from this blog is i talk too much about running, so that is what my new project will be focusing on as i enjoy it so much and know there are many beginners and novices who want some help and guidance.

But doe fret, i will be here on a regular basis, just not everyday!