Dream it, believe it, achieve it! #simples

When i first heard the phrase “dream it, believe it, achieve it!”, i thought, what a load of bullshit!

For me though, it’s not bullshit, it came true on Sunday 18th October at around 12:15 in the afternoon.

That was the time i finished the Great Birmingham Run. My first ever half marathon.

Back in June i dreamt about running a half marathon, even though i had not run for over 30 years. So i had a lot of fears.

By July i had a training schedule and i started to believe it.

On the saturday night before the race, i was a bag of nerves and couldn’t get much sleep. I thought to myself wouldn’t it be amazing and inspirational if i could run in 1 hr 45 minutes?

Sunday at 12.15pm, i achieved that, give or take a few seconds.

If i can do it, you can too.

London Olympic Torch completes Great Birmingham Run

Yes, i done it!

Yesterday i ran with the Olympic torch and competed the 13.1 miles in a super fast time of 1:45:37

I feel amazing.

The whole race was an incredible experience and i can see why Birmingham is voted the best supported of the Great Run series and it felt an extra honour and privilege to have ran with the torch.

There are so many people i wanted to thank and you know who you all know who you are. Without you all, it would not of been possible and for that i am truly grateful.

So many people and words of encouragement on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Thank you.

You can still donate here. Might help relieve some of the pain!

I had so many funny comments about the torch, i think it will merit a whole blog post of its own tomorrow.

Half marathon

Half marathon