Selena Gomez diagnosed with Lupus

Selena Gomez was recently diagnosed with Lupus and it made headline news here this week.

One of the things that appalled me about the tabloid press were the things that were said about her when she had become ill, not knowing what she really had.

One of the reasons i’m running the Great Birmingham Run is to help raise awareness for Lupus.

As it says in this article, Lupus is not very well know and we can all learn more before passing comment about someone.

I’m finding this tough

I have now completed 25 training runs of the 59 scheduled runs before i do my first ever half marathon and i’m finding this tough.

Tough mentally.

Tough physically.

After yesterday mornings run, my hips felt all over the place and i had to shower and change and compose myself for another full day at work.

According to my training app i have completed just over 100km running, with an elapsed time of 9 hours and 27 minutes.

Whilst i may of woke up half asleep and really needed the toilet after finishing my morning training run, i never hesitated to get out of bed, put on my running gear and go out in the bleak weather.

Why? Because i am motivated.

I am motivated to make a difference.

I am motivated for a great cause.

I do, therefore i am.

You can help my motivation by giving your Social Media support here to #55Alive and Sponsor me here for the Great Birmingham Run in support of Hibbs Lupus Trust.