A picture is worth a thousand words

I love photography. Its a great way of capturing a moment that words cannot explain. Hence the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

A thousand words would not be enough to explain many pictures.

I recently started a few months ago taking pictures with my GoPro camera which opens up a whole new world and pictures from different perspectives.

I created a YouTube channel called GoPro Talent showing off some of these images.

So when i saw one of the winners of images celebrating science, i was delighted to see that it was taken from a different perspective using a wide angle lens, that could of been a GoPro.

Checkout these amazing images here.

Taking these images needs a lot of patience, time, creativity and open minded to when photo opportunities happen.

Below is one of my time lapse videos which i filmed over a period of one month to show a property development progresses for Ruskin Square, Croydon, London.

Oh what a run #westrun London was!

Yesterday was my final 10k race of the year, albeit only my second ever.

And what a race it was!

I had joked with the Truestart Coffee guys that it would be amazing if i could run a sub 45 minute race. After all, the front group was sub 45 and the second group was 45-60 minutes.

I would of hoped that i could run faster than my first one of 55 minutes back in July this year, so was it a big ask?

Mind you, i had to stop for almost 10 days due to a foot injury and resting from running. My first road run since then was back last Sunday 8th November.

But i always think, that if we don’t set a goal, how will we know if we are challenging ourselves?

So i went to the back of the sub 45 minute group and off we went. Damn these guys run fast as i managed my fastest ever 1k of 4:12 and there was still people sprinting past me!

I am pleased to say i achieved my goal and came in with a time of 44:31, beating it by 29 seconds and taking off 10 minutes from my last 10k.

But for me, the running is about finishing and enjoying the run. Both were achieved during this run and the new fastest time is the icing on the cake!

It was a very well run event and the first one i have done of the Vitality series. My next one will be the North London half Marathon in March 2016, of which i am very much looking forward to as it will be part of my training for my first ever marathon in April 2016.

Below is the PB selfie with the Truestart guys who had been up since 3.30 to get down to the event in time from Bristol.