Marathon Miracle

Following on from my last post, is 42 the answer? I can tell you it certainly is!

On Sunday April 17th 2016, at approximately 1pm in Brighton, a miracle happened. I finished my first ever full length marathon. Not a half marathon, not a 20 mile race, not Manchester Marathon (which apparently it was short by a few hundred yards), but the full 26.2 miles or 42 km.

I still have to pinch myself, as for a me, a non-fitness person, non athlete at school, or anything really, that i could finish running a full marathon.

Not only did i run the whole way, i finished it in an amazing time of 3 hours and 46 minutes and you can watch the whole run that i Vlogged on video below.

The first 13 miles were great for me, but then a muscle around my hip area was in a lot of pain and got worse at mile 14, so ran the last 12 miles in great pain. There were times where i felt like giving up as it was so painful, but i was determined to finish.

Ian Morgan on Instagram told me that running a marathon would change me and he was right!

I learnt so much about myself. Great mental toughness, able to endure a lot of pain for long periods of time, a determination to get the job done and months of dedicated training to make sure i was prepared as best i can be for the race.

I would highly recommend the Brighton Marathon, with great crowds, great atmosphere, running along a beautiful city and coastline. What better way to spend a great weekend away with friends and family?

I think i will write a blog post in future at how running a marathon is like starting a new business, as i feel there are many similarities.

So below is the video for all of you to enjoy and if you find it inspirational, please do share amongst all your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, email etc.

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Nick Cockburn – Marathon Runner

Nick Cockburn is no ordinary Marathon runner.

This weekend he will complete is 100th Marathon! An astonishing achievement.

I was so impressed, i wanted to interview him and here are some of the questions and answers, which i hope will motivate you as it does myself to be more active.

TRG: I have to say i am very inspired by the amount of Marathons you have completed, but what made you start this? 
Nick: The reason I started running was to lose weight, at my heaviest I was 15 stone. This all came from a injury suffered playing football, unfortunately I broke my ankle and fractured my shin bone. This led to me being on crutches for nine months and having three pins put in my leg, that’s where the weight started to be out on. Someone suggested running s half marathon and it all started from there.
TRG: When/where was your first marathon?
Nick: My first marathon was in Barcelona in March 2012, it was a brilliant marathon, found the last 6 miles tough but came in at 3 hours 45 minutes. I swore I would never do one again after that and I didn’t for a year.
TRG: When/where will be your 100th?
Nick: My 100th marathon is in Stratford upon Avon on the 28th November at an event called broadmeadow runs. I chose this event because I’m good friends with the race director and I’ve ran at least 10 of their marathons. Also it’s a trail Marathon so great scenery and a small friendly event.
TRG: Do you have a favourite Marathon event?
Nick: To be honest I don’t have a favourite event as such. I’ve done some magnificent marathons Barcelona, Dublin, London, Snowdonia to name a few big ones. But the smaller events are better for me I’ve done 4 track marathons (105.5 times round a running track), ran round lakes and 0.8 mile loops and many trail ones where you get to socialise more with the same people you see every week going for the same goal.
TRG: What is your occupation and how do you find time for the training?
Nick: My occupation is a physical one. I install fire sprinkler systems, so lifting heavy pipe and on your feet all day. It’s tough to get the miles, I used to run at 5 in the morning to get the miles done before work. I rarely run in the week now as I’m doing one or two marathons a week I simply rest In-between.
TRG: What keeps you motivated?
Nick: Motivation is a hard question really. I don’t find  running marathons a chore, I look forward to it and if I’ve got a week off I miss it. I see a marathon as a chance to catch up with friends while testing your body out to the max and also earning your beer when you’ve finished.
TRG: What would you recommend anyone who wants to take on a marathon for the first time?

Nick: For people wanting to run a marathon for the first time is a scary prospect as I was when I ran my first,the best tips are:

– Follow a training plan and stick to it best you can.
– Aim for a time but don’t put pressure on yourself, to finish is always the main goal.
– Don’t be scared to miss a training run to rest, it’s good to let the body recover
– I promise when you’ve ran your first marathon your life won’t seem the same again, as soon as you can say I’m a marathoner!
TRG: What is your next challenge after 100 Marathons?
Nick: My next challenge after the 100, will simply to get to 200 but with no deadline as and when it happens. I’ve ran a fair few ultra marathons including a non stop 65 mile race from London to Brighton which took 14 hours 50 minutes and a non stop 100 mile race which took 26 hours. So for me I’ve ticked that box. In the future I’ll just do the odd ultra but mainly running 26.2 miles with my friends looking forward to a beer after.