Simple philosophy on life

I have a very simple philosophy on life.

Very simple.

So simple, some may think it’s not much of a life.

My philosophy is to be happy with myself and by being happy with myself, people around me become happy.

Simple, eh?

What’s stopping us all having this simple philosophy on life?

Whilst I may not be happy 100% of the time as some things in life happen which I have no control over, my core value is to be happy.

There are many things that we could justify us not applying this philosophy. One would be listening to unhappy people.

So if we listen to unhappy people, what do we become? Unhappy. Simple.

Be strong. Be happy.

Hello happiness – Drifters.

Zest for life

Do you feel that you enjoy the moment, or do you think more about the past or future?

Last week i was reading Marc Winn’s latex blog post with the title Hygge.

There he mentions about a recent trip to Denmark for a family wedding and apparently Denmark is the happiest country in world and talks a bout a Danish concept called Hygge, which is a social gathering and celebration of ‘being’.

It would appear that i have been linking a form a hygge for the past few years, by just ‘being’ and not worrying about ‘having’.

Just be and who knows, maybe we would all have more of a zest for life and be happier.

What do you think?

BTW, did you spot the deliberate spelling mistake?