Regular walking can add seven years to your life

Once again, the press is awash with news that regular daily walking is good for us.

Latest headline news is Daily brisk walk can add seven years to your life.

As more research again comes out to show that exercise can be an anti-depressant, it improves cognitive function and there is now evidence that it may retard the onset of dementia.

This is why we want as many people to join in with #55Alive to help promote a healthier lifestyle by being more active. Both physically and mentally.

Come join us.

Below is video of part of Guernsey ITEX walk i took part in. Over 500 people walking the whole of Guernsey. 40 miles!

How to stay young

Research has show that peoples ageing rates can vary widely, although it doesn’t tell us the full results as to why this is the case.

Read the journalist review here on BBC website.

As it does not say the causes of what makes people age quicker than others, maybe they would like to read this and you can tell me what you think of my intuitive thoughts of what contributes to ageing.

Here is my top 8 in no particular order of ageing!

1. Smoking

2. Drinking alcohol

3. Stress

4. Work environment

5. Home environment

6. Overeating

7. Lack of balanced meals

8. Not drinking enough water

What do you think?

Do these researches need to waste anymore time/money on proving what we already know?

Tell me what you think causes ageing to accelerate to decelerate?