Changes Changes Changes

It is safe to say that the past 5 months have not been good for me, but there is a silver lining in all the cloud at the end. So if you want to skip just to the happy ending part, scroll down to the bottom.

I remember hearing a number of times “change or be changed”, which is not quite true. Whilst i am a positive person, i make change happen for the better, but some things happen which we cannot cater for.

With the loss of my beautiful mother and loss of my contract work all in just a couple of weeks, my whole world had turned upside down.

But at the time of all this happening i had already started training in June for my second marathon, which was going to be Frankfurt Marathon as i knew a number of people who would be there, so they could keep me company for my first ever big city marathon.

With a strange twist of fate, within days of my mother suffering her stroke, i was called for an interview for a new contract. The good news was i got offered the contract, which meant i could relocate to be with my dad.

Through all this, i tried to continue with my marathon training, but as you can imagine, it was tough. I persisted even through the days when it was hot and humid, with no speed in my legs i thought there was no way i could improve on my time from Brighton Marathon.

So i had new work contract, new location and new training roads. All change, as you can imagine.

As the weeks progressed, my body changed. I changed my training plan as it was too draining for me and didn’t allow enough time to recover.

Before long it was time for the Birmingham Half Marathon followed a week later with a local Parkrun to see how much speed my legs had. I was feeling progress and change in my body, the times were also reflecting that. I was changing positively.

Then came race day on Sunday 30th October, 2016. Frankfurt Marathon. With all the changes i had gone through in past 5 months, could i better my time from only 6 months earlier at Brighton?

Well, for those of you who skipped to the silver lining to all the changes i had gone through, it was a resounding YES! I had beaten my time by over 30 minutes with a time of 3:15:44 which meant i could qualify for London Marathon 2018 based on current qualifying times and possibly other World Marathon Majors!

Below is my VLOG of the race. It is very raw and emotional, as you can imagine. No fancy editing, no fancy music. Just me talking, running, singing and crying. It’s been an emotional past few months and maybe this will inspire you to some positive changes?



Every Monday now, the internet is awash with #mondaymotivation tips and quotes and blog posts.

That’s all very lovely, but do any of them tell us that motivation is not worth anything unless we have a reason to do something?

Motivation is an external action to get you to do something.

If you want to continue, you have to want to do something to change from the inside.

Making a decision to change is great, but we have to make it into a habit and keep that motivation.

To do something we have never done before, we need to change.

And keep changing until it becomes a habit.

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Change, Challenge