Sugar and fat is bad for you

There is hardly a day or week that goes by without reading some headline around Sugar or Fat being bad for us.

It makes me chuckle, because it makes so many people stress about what they eat, they don’t really enjoy the experience of what they are eating.

I hate to break the news to you, but apparently everything we do in modern society is bad for you, even breathing the air in London!

I appreciate I am generalising and this may not apply to some people with ailments like allergy to sugar or fat or the air quality in cities, but for the vast majority of people, fat and sugar and breathing in London, is ok.

What might be even more shocking is, we are all going to die, one day.

Do you know the best diet to follow?

Don’t read tabloids and try reducing the time on Facebook and Twitter. That’s where the crap is. Not in the sugar and fat.

Having a balanced diet of what we eat and drink is essential. Keep it all in moderation.

Sounds basic and common sense and oh so dull, really? I know. That’s the good Life.

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