Spam emails

We all get spam emails, don’t we?

I saw this as a post by one of my friends on Facebook, which made me lol a lot so thought i would share with you, because he said i could!

This is a reply to one of the spammers:

Note to Roksana Batiuk: many thanks for your kind, heartwarming email. I truly would love you to find your soulmate and with ‘eyes like two little lights that are ready to warm up the heart of your beloved man’, I’m sure you will.

Unfortunately I don’t have time for an Internet soulmate at the moment as my online activity is currently full to capacity managing a rather complex financial transaction with a Nigerian prince who is somewhat down in his luck. It is therefore with some regret that I must decline your offer but I wish you all he best and am comforted by the fact that you can take solace in your sporting activities to keep your ‘body in good form’.

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