Some funny Olympic torch comments during #GreatBirminghamRun

As i said in yesterday post, whilst feeling a great sense of achievement from completing my first ever half marathon at the Great Birmingham Run, some of the contributing factor of me finishing in such a quick time would be down to the comments and banter i had with people i had never met in my life before.

Before the race started i went for a wander up to Victoria Square to have a picture with me and the torch outside Birmingham Town hall building.

Naturally lots of people stared but said nothing, but here are some of the comments made by before, during and after the run.

“Look, look, it looks like….yes, its the olympic torch!”

“Thats a good marketing tactic.”

“Look what he’s got.”

“Is that what i think it is.”

“Is that a genuine Olympic torch?”

“Can i hold it.”

“Where did he nick that from.”

“Why isn’t it lit up?”

“Are you going to carry that all the way round.”

“Why are you running with this?”

“Hey! Look, it’s torch man!”

“OMG! Its an actual Olympic torch!”

“Did you get a picture of that guy carrying the Olympic torch?” Answer from person with camera “what olympic torch?”

“It’s bigger than i thought it would be”

“When will you light it”

“Is it heavy?”

“Can i take a picture of you holding the torch”

Whilst all these comments really put a big smile on my face when i heard them, the biggest smile i would get was from the thousands of people supporting all the runners around the whole course. It was simply amazing.

It was as soon as they saw me holding the torch they would start screaming and waving at me.

That made me so happy, as you can see from one of the pictures below, taken of me during the run.

Olympic Torch Great Birmingham Run

Olympic Torch Great Birmingham Run


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