Seeds of doubt

Seeds of doubt, we all have them.

Having looked at the promotion page aka Thunderclap for the first #55Alive challenge, i am only up to 34 people with less than 10 days left and need to get to 100 people to support to achieve the target set.

I would of thought in todays modern age with Social Media, to find just 100 people to connect their Twitter or Facebook accounts would be easy.

Why not?

After all, i have over 2,000 followers on Twitter and over 500 on Facebook.

But in todays modern age, we also have a LOT of noise on Social Media, which is why we created a Thunderclap page to help get the word out for the Great Birmingham Run and stand out from the mainstream media noise.

So this is my dilemma and seed of doubt. If i can’t get 100 people to commit support to get a message out, how in heavens name will i be able to raise £5,000 for Hibbs Lupus Trust?

Whilst i have that seed of doubt, i have to just focus on my daily training and keep active. A daily blog and going out on my training runs. I have that control and i have my training runs to help ensure that i will finish the half marathon without half killing myself by not being fit enough.

The seed of doubt is there, but i still have hope. Hope that we will exceed 100 supporters for the Thunderclap and hope that we will raise £5,000 for Hibbs Lupus trust. I always have hope.

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