Running training has been tough

Since i started running in June this year, i decided to train for the Great Birmingham Run on October 18th, 2015 .

Each week, the training gradually steps up on time to run, which hopefully increases the distance, unless you start walking half way through the training!

Todays run was for 70 minutes, 1 hour 10 minutes makes it sound longer.

It was tough, both physically and mentally.

As the time to run increases, i need to look after my body more and ensure it is adequately fed and watered before i start running. Sounds simple, eh?

Normally i start my runs early in the morning, but today wasn’t until gone 8.30am so maybe my body wanted food and water since last eating the evening before?

I learn more about myself as i train more.

Knowing the many reasons why i am doing it, keeps me inspired and maybe i inspire you to be more active. If i do, don’t forget to use the hash tag on Facebook or twitter with #55Alive.

Onwards and upwards.

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