Right wing politics, left wing politics – Red Bull gives you wings!

Following the latest political debate about the vote for UK to join in the bombing of Syria, it has opened up a new chapter for me and added to why so many choose not to join in with Politics.

When an outcome has already been decided, surely it is no longer a debate?

The thing that very much caught my attention was that if you were pro-bombing, many would judge you as being Right wing. If you were anti-bombing you were seen as Left wing.

For those of you that regularly read my blog and it is also part of my reluctant guru strapline, is that I am apolitical. Many times I can see both sides of an argument and many times I can agree with many policies that may be either Conservative, Labour, Green Party or other parties.

But apparently to many people, they have a very polarised view. You can only be one. So if you are anti-bombing, you must be left wing, which in my opinion is crazy!

A good analogy is that if you are good friends with someone or married, do you agree 100% with everything that person  says? Of course not! So why all of a sudden is it applied to politics?

I read on one of my Facebook friends posts saying that whilst he is a Conservative with a capital C, he is against the bombings. That resulted in him getting private messages saying has he become left wing?!? Why is he not permitted differing views on what the party line may be?

That, my friends, in my opinion is one of the reasons why many people choose not to partake in politics.

Want to see how everyone voted? Follow this link to BBC Politics site. Interesting to see how many Conservative MP’s voted against or abstained from voting. Wonder if that will make any headline news?

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