Politico Angst. The new Westminster Soap Opera.

Politico Angst. The new Westminster Soap Opera.

It seems to me that the pundits who’s whole world revolves around and relies upon what is known as the Westminster bubble (more of a circus if you ask me) are struggling. They’re struggling because the real world outside Westminster is being used quite cleverly by Mr. Corbyn to burst their bubble. They’re struggling with change – as many people do. It’s often the change makers that are seen initially as threats before enough others begin to realise that change is a good thing.

How many times do we hear (and agree with) those wise words “If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you’ll just keep getting the same old results”?

An increasingly large slice of the electorate appears to be getting hungry for change on the political stage and if the thing that the pundits and politicians call “voter apathy” is in reality straight boredom with the old-style political theatrics, unless those old-style politicians recognise this real quick, the script will be rewritten and the cast will be changed before they know it. It’s also fascinating to observe the pundits gleefully pontificating about the tiniest nuances of what’s PC and what’s not in such a narrow minded, nay, small minded way when all around us is chaos and profound misery…problems that desperately need urgent attention. Rotten stuff is happening in the world. Maybe Jeremy Corbyn can get some of these self-seeking crass idiots to look outside themselves for a change.

How much has public opinion been manipulated I wonder? Shallow simple thinking in all matters seems to be the way the so-called great and good wish us all to think, if indeed they want us to think at all.

They arrogantly misjudge the intellectual and deep, broad richness of the thinking abilities of the populous and they do so at their peril.


This was a blog post by one of our guest Bloggers, Phil Shepherd

Phil is a company director with a deep interest in the psychology of decision making, creativity and innovative thinking. He supports the harnessing of new ideas that generate pioneering sustainable global philanthropic action and has spent his life creating and building businesses from scratch, usually in pioneering situations. His latest venture is Thortspace, a 3D visual thinking platform for personal & corporate problem solving, collaborative research & education.

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