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I thought i would write my first post on something quite topical of what has happened in past few days regarding the General Elections here in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The reason why i wanted to write this was mainly because of my utter disbelief at how many people actually believed the opinion polls that were being published on a daily basis for the 6 weeks running up to the elections.

HELLO! In case you hadn’t worked out what they are, the clue is in the two words. They are the opinions of the people, not facts.

Opinion polls are FICTION, made up, based on what people may vote for. Or so i’ve been told.

What amazed me even more, was that at 10pm, exit poll was published showing a different story and all the media and politicos saying they were in such shock about the exit polls and they didn’t believe them.

Why were they so shocked?

Probably because they believed their own bullshit for the previous 6 weeks and the exit polls, to them, made no sense.

Also, it takes about 4 weeks to form a habit. They all kept repeating a bad habit and it remained. Hence the shock?

Exit polls are FACT, based on people exiting the polls and saying who they have just voted for.

The exit polls for 2010 were proven to be approximately 99% correct. The same happened on Thursday 7th May, 2015.

Still they did not believe. So much so, that Lord Ashdown said he would eat his hat and Alastair Campbell would eat his kilt.

So why were they so shocked and non-believers of the exit polls?

It would appear that our Media and Politicos would rather believe their own FICTION rather than FACT.

Here is the link to Paddy Ashdown and Alastair Campbell eating their items of clothing.

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