Nick Grimshaw

Nick Grimshaw. A name, once read by many millions in the UK, it causes them to spit fire. Why is that?

From my Twitter and Facebook feed, following the announcement that he will be one of the new judges for X-Factor, it has caused all sorts of comments, mainly around his lack of talent and how does he keep getting these jobs?

Now i don’t personally know the guy, but there was an incident back in the early days of his Radio 1 career in 2008, that i recall even to this day, as it shocked me. For those of you that know me, i’m not easily shocked.

How did he get his new job as X-factor judge? When you read the Wikipedia page, as he worked at T4, which as you my know was one of Simon Fuller’s companies. You know Simon, the guy who is responsible for Spice Girls and is manager for David Beckham, Lewis Hamilton and many more top stars. Do Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller still have some contractual obligations? Who cares? I couldn’t give a fudge!

It was somewhat ironic that both Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw were both guests on the Channel 4 re-run of TFI Friday last week. And now, they are both the new X-factor judges. Co-incidence?

It is also somewhat ironic that he is offered the job, after it was published that R1 breakfast show has lost over 1 million listeners. Lowest listeners since 2003. Why did the R1 controller congratulate Nick on reducing the figures by clearing out the over 30’s listeners, when Nick himself is now 30?

Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper congratulated the host, saying: “Grimmy is doing what I’ve asked of him by keeping his young audience happy and scaring off the over-30’s.”

Is this not somewhat hypocritical?

Is it that R1 and X-Factor want to polarise viewers/listeners into haters and lovers. We seem to be a crazy celeb world whee they have to create some haters for them to moan about in hope of making their fans more loyal.

So, what was it that Nick Grimshaw done back in 2008 that shocked me.

That year, i used to have a Sunday evening drive back to my place of work for the following week, which was when i used to listen to R1 show that had Nick Grimshaw with Annie Mac. They used to have a chat between themselves and one was when they mentioned Nicole Scherzinger’s comment to why some people don’t take the Pussycat Dolls seriously.

From what i recall, Nick Grimshaw’s reply was along the lines of “nobody takes you seriously because you’re just a bunch of talentless glorified lap dancers”…and he went off on a further rant. It was not just the words he used, but also the tone that he used. Clearly, he did not like her or her band and felt they had no talent at all.

Interesting that Nicole was an X-Factor judge and now Nick is a judge also. If Nicole is a talentless lap dancer, what does that make you Nick?

Oh the irony.


Nick and Nicole

Nick and Nicole

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