New Year, New You?

Now is the time of year where we see a lot of promotions and stories around New Year resolutions. New Year, New You.

Being a non-conformist, why do we have to wait for a specific date in a calendar to start any form of self improvement? You can start now!

Come to think of it, conforming to a specific date to start a resolution is no different to being a corporate organisation with year end, budgets etc etc.

Many marketers and salespeople are asking “what are your goals for 2016?”. others are asking “what’s on your bucket list?”.

I don’t have any goals and I don’t have any bucket lists. I just do. I have daily tasks and by achieving my daily tasks, i’m happy. Some from the goal setting fraternity will say you have a big goal and then break it down to daily tasks, so maybe I am sublimely achieving goals?

I believe that by having a Goal or Bucket List does not allow you to enjoy the moment. You can agree or disagree. If the New Year, New You and goal setting and Bucket lists work for you, then fabulous! Carry on!

All I know. so far is that I will be entering 2 half marathons and my first ever full marathon in 2016. I hope to complete them all in good race times and

To achieve that I have been given the following training guidance from a Physio. Run 3 times a week. 1 hill run, 1 pace run, 1 long run. Simple.


Training guide

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