My Run Guru

The past five months have been quite a journey for me.

I started running back in June this year and it has been full of many highs.

My first 10k run was in July at the London Olympic 2012, Queen Elizabeth park.

Then i completed my first ever half Marathon in October at The Great Birmingham Run, with a London Olympic torch.

And then finishing off with the West London 10k run in November.

Its not been easy at times. especially when i go for a training run in the cold, dark, wet mornings. But it has been worth it.

I have had many people help and advise me and many say i have a lot to share.

Hence i have started My Run Guru.

Find us on Facebook and Twitter , come join us and let’s see where this journey will take us all.

Olympic Torch Great Birmingham Run

Olympic Torch Great Birmingham Run

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