My Beautiful Mother

It is with a heavy heart that i write this post, and holding back the tears.

My mother peacefully passed away on 4th July last week and we had her funeral service and burial this week.

Words are not enough to describe how i feel, at a time of such sadness and sorrow.

But it is also a time to celebrate an amazing life she had, one filled with great joy and which revolved around family, friends, fun and food.

She started an amazing adventure 60 years ago, a young 24 year old leaving a small village in southern Italy to come to the UK. She could not speak, read or write any English.

She told me that she arrived without a penny to her name and all her worldly belongings were in a small suitcase and the clothes she was wearing.

She had a dream to have a better life for herself and future family and she more than achieved that as a true pioneer that she and my father were back in the 1950’s.

For that and for all the amazing memories, i am truly grateful.

We can all take comfort from our memories of her as she will live forever more.

A truly great woman that leaves a lasting legacy in us all!

Mom, dad and me


3 thoughts on “My Beautiful Mother

  1. Very sorry to hear this. I can identify with all of the things you have said in your post just from the two or three occasions that we met.

    My sincere condolences


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