Mindful running

Mindful running, two words you may not of seen together before, but one expression that i now feel i achieve with each of my training runs.

For those following my blog, will know i started running in June and the first time i went out for 15 minutes it was painful.

The other day i completed my longest training run to date. It was scheduled for 1 hour and i completed 11km in just over an hour.

During that time i became very mindful of my run. I don’t run with any music playing. I just run and listen to my body and the surrounding noise. Although, when i passed Crystal Palace football, i started to sing myself Glad All over by Dave Clark Five. Quite appropriate as i had been going for 20 minutes and was feeling in the zone.

I think this may be a topic i will write about more as i continue with the running.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Dave Clark Five below and hope it makes you feel glad all over.

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