Marathon Man

Marathon Man. No i’m not talking the movie, i’m talking about running a marathon.

Serendipity has brought me across a man, an amazing man. Not only has he ran a marathon, which to anyone who has ever ran a marathon, will know how much training and determination is required to finish one, but he will soon complete his 100th marathon!

His name is Nick Cockburn and as far as i’m concerned he is Nick Cockburn – Marathon Man.

I asked if i could include him on this blog for an interview and he gladly volunteered his time, which is even more amazing considering he has a day job and is in training for his next marathon!

For many people there is always a motivation to start running or deciding to do more exercise.

When i asked Nick what motivated him to get started, this was his reply:

The reason I started running was to lose weight,at my heaviest I was 15 stone. This all came from a injury suffered playing football, unfortunately I broke my ankle and fractured my shin bone.

This led to me being on crutches for nine months and having three pins put in my leg, that’s where the weight started to be put on.

Someone suggested running s half marathon and it all started from there.

I find it more fascinating that Nick started to train for his half marathon after recovering from a broken leg!

I will include more from Nick’s interview in later blogs and maybe other runners who decided to get more active.

Who wants to join me on the Birmingham 10k Run next year as a starter?


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