London Marathon

London Marathon, probably one of the best Marathons in the world to compete in.

Don’t get too excited, i didn’t have a go….just yet!

But for the first time this year, i went to see in London, live with all the runners and it was amazing!

Its hard to describe the atmosphere there, but all i can say is it was amazing.

Below is just a short video of what i saw. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “London Marathon

  1. I’ve been going for a few years now. I love the atmosphere. Love catching up with friends from all over the UK and I get to see my London family. It’s a firm favourite on my calendar. Everyone should go at least once. There’s so much to see (as well as the runners) see you next year. I’ll help you get a cheap train ticket ……

    • Indeed Juanita!

      Doe fret, i know how to get a cheap train ticket, i object to the extortionate walk on fares charged 🙂

      Did you see this guy run the marathon and film it on his GoPro?

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