LinkedIn is dead, long live Networking!

LinkedIn is the largest online social network for business. But what kind of business?

I have been a member since almost the start and have seen it change and evolve into almost purely an online tool for spam.

There isn’t a week that goes by where i don’t get someone i have never met or worked with or been to their same university, send me an email offering me their services or product.

What prompted me to write this was probably the best spam yet and here is a copy and paste of the email:

Dear LinkedIn Connection
Many thanks for having connected with me on LinkedIn.
I have looked at your profile and found it very interesting and look forward to sharing thoughts, ideas and opportunities with you to mutual advantage.  Meanwhile I would like to invite you to follow myself and ABCD Ltd on the following and we will of course reciproacte.
xxxxxx – Linkedin Company Page – Click Here to Connect
yyyyy – Facebook Page – Click Here to Connect
zzzzzz – Twitter – Click here to Follow
Thanks too for following my posts on Linkedin. This is appreciated.
Feel free to get in touch to share ideas or ask questions.
Best Regards,
How impersonal is that? I have replaced company names with x, y and z.
Would you want to connect?
The funniest part though is he emailed everyone in his network and we could all see everyones else’s email.
Why is it  that without the aid of LinkedIn, i can connect with the number one person in UK in their industry for a product i have been looking for?
I network.
Want to know how? Join my Network.

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