Life goes on

With the passing of my mother on 4th July, life hasn’t been the same. There isn’t a day i don’t think about her. What an amazing woman she was and the amazing things we done together and what she had achieved in her wonderful life.

Mourning her passing everyday is not what she would of wanted, so life goes on, knowing she is looking down on us from a place of peace.

Throughout my life i have lived in the moment, but sometimes it can be tough. We continue to persist.

In the past month we have seen the Olympics in Rio and i recall virtually all of the winning athletes saying how they remain in the moment to win. Sounds simple, eh?

I love making video recording of some of my memorable runs, where i remain in the moment and record for me to remember how great it was. As a bonus i love that so many people around the world enjoy watching them and get inspired to start or continue running.

I find it amazing, how some of the simplest things we do can help so many.

Below is my most recent from a trip to Pisa in Italy. I do hope you enjoy!

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