Let’s make history

Let’s make history, was the headline in yesterdays morning papers, which was a quote ahead of the 4th Ashes Test Match that started yesterday at Trent Bridge in Nottingham, England.

That’s what Alastair Cook said on Wednesday.

Yesterday, Thursday, him and his England Team, made history. The Australian team were bowled out for just 60 runs before the first days lunch break.

Astonishing isn’t it?

This is what happens when you believe and the whole team around you believe.

Whatever the final score is, the England cricket team today, made history.

We can all make history in our own way.

This week i have made my own history by doing 4 morning runs as part of my training for the Great Birmingham Run in October.

How do you want to make your own history?

Everyday and in every way, we are getting better and better.

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