Let’s be amazing!

Do you ever get that feeling that you have a calling to do something great and make an amazing positive impact here on Earth?


Maybe you are already doing that without you realising this.

Well, i have had something burning inside me for a long time and it’s beginning to burst out into the world.

I want to be part of a movement that educates people to be more active. That movement is called #55Alive

Throughout my life i have continually failed at almost everything i have tried first time.

But i keep coming back and through persistence, i often complete and become successful.


So, surely i can teach that?

A few years ago, days before Christmas Day i had an idea to help launch a new App. It was a song based around 12 days of Christmas, but with theme of being healthy and active.

Within 72 hours of concept we had, lyrics, music and graphics complete and published on Youtube by Christmas Eve!

Amazing what happens with persistence and application. Below is the video for you to enjoy.

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