Let the Love flow

Let the love flow – Bellamy Brothers 1976. What a classic song that was.

Today is Saturday, watch and smile. TISWAS, what a great TV show that was for kids and adults alike on a Saturday morning.

Yes, it’s the weekend and time to let your love flow.

Why do we always feel better at weekends than during weekdays. assuming you work Monday to Friday, you enjoy more the weekends because you’re not at work!

Not rocket science.

Some people can’t believe what age I am when I tell them. Don’t worry, I don’t go around telling people how old I am to get a reaction. It comes up in conversation, they ask me and I tell them. The shock on their faces is priceless. How do you stay so young looking is often asked?

For me its about love. Not just the being in love with someone bit, which is great, but the being in love with life. I believe all people are good people. But some people allow their ego’s to take over and choose not to be good. That is their choice. I choose not to socialise with those people. I choose to socialise with people I want to be with.

I love many parts of my life, as you may of read on a previous post: These are a few of my favourite things.

Weekends are the time we do things we love.

So let the love flow, like a bird in the sky.

Enjoy the weekend!

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